Ontario’s Saturday Night Special

A tribute to Lynyrd Skynyrd, this talented group of 8 experienced musicians have joined forces to perform the best of classic southern rock as Saturday Night Special. This page is a sneak peak, with pics and a taste of what each of the eight Saturday Night Special band members are all about. Scroll Down to meet the eight band members and enjoy!

Danny Macdonald

Danny Macdonald’s high energy lead vocals rock the Saturday Night Special stage, getting boots “a shuffling” non-stop. As Front Man for Saturday Night Special, he brings a fantastic rock voice and a serious good times vibe to a hot southern rock show. Danny's renditions of Travellin Man and That Smell are just a taste of his talent for moving a crowd.

A notorious rocker from Ontario, Canada. Danny, plays a variety of classic rock and top 40 hits of the 60's, 70's and 80's, and more for clubs and private events with his acoustic group. On arena sized stages, Danny has opened for greats such as Ted Nugent.

John Maki

John Maki is the Founder, Manager, Marketing Manager and Guitar Player for Saturday Night Special. John has spearheaded this show band from grassroots

This Lynyrd Skynyrd tribute band is the product of this talented musician's love for southern rock and knowing how to put a great band together.

With a long history of rock performing to his credit, this project is the one that pulls it all together. 80's rock fans will remember his touring days and more recently, his shows at events including corporate fundraisers, community and festival gigs.

Also an inspired song writer, his rock tune, Hard Rock Miner, was featured on the 2011 CD Legend Aid.

Dan Ayotte

Dan Ayotte is a gifted drummer, entertaining audiences across Ontario for many years.

Driving the beat for Saturday Night Special, Danny brings his own freight train percussion style to the Skynyrd sound and gets them stoked for hot tunes like I Ain't the One, Give me Back my Bullets, Double Trouble and more. A super groove and feel for Southern Rock.

Robin Desbiens

Robin Desbiens - is Saturday Night Special's man on the ivories with solid musical roots from the Desbiens clan going way back!!!

Robin has played in country bands for most of his musical career and we are stoked to have him on board!!!

Southern Rock is a natural for Robin as he has been playing all these piano licks and hooks all along and he didn't even know it!

Guaranteed to blow your freakin lid man!

Derek Penney 

Derek is the backbone rythym for this group. He has a killer groove and brings the sounds of Skynyrd alive within. You may remember Derek from his touring days with Wylde Child and Johnny Aho/Williams back in the 80's. Derek is schooled in music and is a great asset to Saturday Night Special!

Tim Hietanen

Tim Hietanen's stellar guitar playing brings a smokin hot vibe to the Saturday Night Special sound. Be sure to catch him in long time rockin acts Solomen Grace and Terra Cain. Tim is also one half of the acoustic duo the "DT Collective". We played together amost 30 years ago brother!!!! Nice to have you on board brother!!! Johnny... OUR HONKETTES!!!! ARENT THEY CUTE????!!!!


Gisele Guenard is half of the back up vocals team for Saturday Night Special, along with Lise Violette. From weddings to studio work including original & song demos in the pop/contemporary, lead vocals on CD and show/cabaret productions, Gisele has been performing since the 70's.

Her personal repertoire is folk, R&B, country, gospel & classic rock, and you will feel and see her soulful vibe in this show band.

Lise Violette brings a rockin power vibrato to the backup vocals. She has performed on small and big stages for over twenty years.

Her high energy performing style are well known in the Northern Ontario club and corporate gig scene, with her band, "Euphoria".